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Thank you for your trust

and welcome to SimplyTrivia!

The following three clips illustrate our perspective on some of the topics that you support in the form of an app as a service.

Since we work in an international team, the language of choice is English. However, this can be adapted to any market.



Perfection is something most of us seek. But where to find it? Maybe, just maybe, if you start within yourself, you will actually get there.



We are sure that 99.99 % of people on this planet have experienced this. Freezing. Being unable to breathe. Time to focus on the essential. 



Reengage with nature. Feel life. Feel your role in space and time. Then come back a better person. 


The Idea

Those who listen, even if only for a few minutes, can find peace. Escape into a world of your own and reappear much more relaxed. This helps the whole environment, but above all it helps your very own mind. An office environment becomes a dream world. Size ratios and time intervals blur. Nothing is real for an intimate moment.


The Result

is the short fading out of reality that helps our protagonists in their everyday life with full energy afterwards.


About SimplyTrivia


We are a creative association of different energy-consuming industries. From advertising, directing, project management, business administration, location scouting etc. We understand that people cannot deliver if they no longer know who they are.

Let us help before it gets to that point.


Thanks for your time

and your attention.

We hope you enjoyed watching as much as we did creating.

If so, let us talk about a meeting to get into details. 

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